Guilty Of 5 Outta 6 Charges, Can Jussie Just Go Away?

Look, I get it. We’re writing about Jussie Smollett which is keeping him fresh in everyone’s mind, but on occasion we writers do feel inclined to complete a story from start to finish. This may not be the last article about Smollett since we still have to find out what kind of sentencing he’s going to receive, but unless he serves actual jail time, no one is going to care.

The biggest goal of this entire case was to put the liar on blast for faking a hate crime. It was to make it clear that the expenditure of government resources was an absolute waste, and such hoaxes would not be tolerated by the Chicago PD. That’s something the entire city and their officials should have agreed to, but instead a deal was made in March of 2019 with Jussie Smollett. Alternatively, they agreed that he just needed to pay $10,000 and do a few hours of community service, and all charges would be dropped. Read more