Mental Meltdown? Aides Force Out Reporters after Brandon Can’t Answer a Question and Stares Blankly

In a recent, disturbing video, President Brandon’s brain appears to stop functioning after a reporter asked him a tough question about Russia and Ukraine. Watch him here: Read more

11 thoughts on “Mental Meltdown? Aides Force Out Reporters after Brandon Can’t Answer a Question and Stares Blankly”

  1. I’m not a Biden fan but given the demeanor of those asking questions, by talking over each other, I wouldn’t have answered them either. Our media representatives need to have manners and act in a responsible and respective manner if they expect full cooperation.

  2. Dennis R Wishon

    Granted the demeanor and unprofessional actions of the media resulted in his confusion. However I do not recall any other President having this issue with being coherent enough to single out questions and answer them one at a time. This is not a good signal and it stated with Obidens friend and former President Ovomit. 45 was bombarded even worse and he managed to respond to the press and we all know they were a lot more unruly towards him than there fan Obiden.

    1. I agree with you, totally, Dennis. The moron-in-chief needed someone to hit his reset switch. We are in serious trouble as a country with this imposter in the White House. I even miss Ovomit (as you would say).

  3. Everyone shouldn’t be surprised. Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, wasn’t in control of all his faculties before he became POTUS. All this election was about, is getting rid of Trump. This way the liberal commie Democrats could push forward their Socialist/Communist agenda and their one party rule. They would have voted in Charles Manson, if it was guaranteed the could get rid of Trump. They voted in a POTUS whether legally or illegally that can’t remember on any given day what corrupt Quid Pro had for lunch.

  4. Biden is sick and needs to be evaluated and placed in a home for care. He has made America the laughing stock of the world.

  5. Veenerschnitzel

    Anyone who remotely thinks this brain dead vegetable is in charge of anything at all, let alone our country, needs to check their mental faculties. Joe Biden = PINO

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