OBVIOUS TRUTH: Facebook “Fact-Checks” Are Opinions

Most news sources have been doing everything in their power to avoid being censored, kicked, booted, demonetized, restricted, or banned from various social media outlets. They do this by avoiding specific conversations or keywords in posts, status updates, tweets, and so on.

For example, instead of referring to COVID-19 or Corona Virus as such, people called it “the vid” just to fool the algorithms that were searching for keywords. That didn’t last long. Next came the vaccines, which were not at all “fact-checked” while Trump was running for a second term. The moment Joe Biden won, everything changed. Suddenly you couldn’t say anything negative about vaccines. Most people started using the terms “jabs“, “shots“, and even more vague language trying to get around the pesky out of context, missing context, false information or misinformation warnings. Read more