BREAKING: Look What The 6th Circuit Upholds For Biden Now, Appealed To SCOTUS

Here we go again, on to the Supreme Court where nine un-elected justices will feel the weight of the nation when deciding what federal appeals courts got it wrong this time.

With the U.S. morphing from a nation of immigrants who loved liberty to a divided nation of undefinable national demographics and generations of indoctrinated young adults assuming positions of influence, the Supreme Court has been and will continue to be the final arbitrator, with the nation having to deal with their rulings, right or wrong. Read more

2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Look What The 6th Circuit Upholds For Biden Now, Appealed To SCOTUS”

  1. If those (9) people, make the wrong decision for the millions of the rest of the people, they won’t like the outcome. People have had their fill of having evil-minded people in groups playing God with our lives. God created all men with the freedom of choice, not the freedom to let others make our decisions for us. Selah.

  2. As a nation, we desperately need another national day of prayer, every God fearing believer, for this God forsaken government, our nine Supreme Court judges might have a God fearing conscious, our borders wide open, God knows how many terrorists have entered the country because of Joe Biden, Roe V Wade, Freedom Convoy and so much more. Every believer hold hands with as many people as possible, and reach the throne to God. This is what our nation needs right now. Sincerely Sylvia Walton.

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