United Airlines CEO Threatens All His Employees, Ted Cruz Utterly Destroys Him “She Received Her Termination Notice Tied To A TRASH CAN”

Talk about looking like a complete fool. That was United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby on Thursday afternoon, while testifying before the Senate.

In other words, Texas conservative Ted Cruz caught a body.

Cruz absolutely murdered Kirby for the entire nation to see. And Kirby was completely helpless. Read more

9 thoughts on “United Airlines CEO Threatens All His Employees, Ted Cruz Utterly Destroys Him “She Received Her Termination Notice Tied To A TRASH CAN””

  1. I will not fly with UNITED, I would rather walk. After listening to this CEO, he deserves to be fired, his benefits of any kind removed, including money, medical, etc. He accepted part of the $54B of TAXPAYERS money, to help defray costs. His position as CEO is a joke and so is the company. Americans need to teach United a lesson.

    My feelings toward the pilots/attendents & other personnel are full of compassion and according to tbe Constitution they are exercising their freedoms. They have the right to do so.

    1. Couldn’t agree more, Heather. My disgust with United goes back well before the current pandemic, and I have deliberately avoided flying with United because of such pathetic behavior. What a horrendous way to treat its people, without whom there would be no United. I’d love to see all of them quit, and tell United to stick it when it comes to moving their talents elsewhere. In case you haven’t seen it, go onto YouTube and look up “United Breaks Guitars”; it’s an excellent response to United’s total lack of caring about a customer’s personal property, and an enjoyable video as well. United has in the past and continues to stink!

      1. Alaine de Breaux

        UAL was not like this back when I was an FA. Even so, its a cutthroat business that never should have moved into the big meals and liquor service. Once, long ago, people all dressed up in their Sunday best were grateful for the box lunches and the roaring piston engines. Now, people look like homeless, unbathed, and behave like selfish morons. I’m glad I don’t have to put up with them anymore.

  2. Long and short… if you are not doing what a administration wants, you face losses, in fact if you are a larger company you simply must associate with ruling party edicts to get ahead. Most of the greater wealth made nowadays is such. Long ago commerce tried to contend with making a go without government interference and influence… those days are gone.

  3. Dennis R Wishon

    Nailed it, I quit flying United sometime back making myself a promise that I would never grace their flights with my presence and have stood with that promise for some time now along with many friends of mine. Have two good friends who work/worked for United, and they say it is the worst managed airline out there.

  4. I worked as a mechanic for United before they threw us all out on the street after 9/11. We were in the midst of contentious contract negotiations after being promised “industry leading wages” for years previously. Employees had agreed to sub par wages in exchange for the ESOP to save the airline. When it came time for payback during the fat years of the late 90’s the horns came out. Suddenly, we were the enemy. They were dancing in the isles of corporate after 9/11 because it gave them the excuse they needed to fire us, they voided our contracts because of the “national emergency” clause. Our stock became worthless. Note that Southwest, a relatively small airline at the time, didn’t lay off a single employee, and sold assets to get by.
    United was a terrible company to work for, I see nothing has changed.

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