Biden Threatening The Unaxxed In The Most Disgusting Way Possible

In spite of the FACT that as of Friday evening there have only been 830 cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant confirmed by DNA sequencing across the United States, with no US deaths reported, President Biden will announce on Tuesday more actions the federal government will be taking to combat it.

Biden will reportedly also “issue a stark warning”, again, for those who have rejected the vaccine for personal, religious, and/or medical reasons. Read more

1 thought on “Biden Threatening The Unaxxed In The Most Disgusting Way Possible”

  1. Good grief! Let people make their own choices! This is America the land of the free that Biden hates. Biden is doing his best to be a dictator and not a president. 2024 cannot come too soon. I hope the mid-terms give a good indication that peop0le are fed up with Biden/Kamala and show it in a big way.

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