Drunk Again? Pelosi Looks Utterly Disgusting With Lipstick Smeared All Over Her Face In New VIDEO

In what was surely one of her worse recent performances, Nancy Pelosi gushed about President Brandon in detestably glowing, obsequious terms while even her lipstick, smeared as it was, looked sloppy. Watch her here: Read more

21 thoughts on “Drunk Again? Pelosi Looks Utterly Disgusting With Lipstick Smeared All Over Her Face In New VIDEO”

  1. If this really is her, I have only one comment. FEELING THE PRESSURE NANCY?? Just wait. You have no idea how bad it can get.

      1. Unfortunately, after she ruined California, she hopped, skipped, and jumped to Florida so she could screw that up…let’s hope she dies soon!

  2. Pelosi is beyond disgusting. She is nothing but an embarrassment & a disgrace to this nation. She should have been gone along ago. Hopefully, she be gone soon. The sooner the better.

  3. Nasty, hateful & un-lady like. With all of her insider trading profits, surely she can afford a makeup artist. Lately it looks like her great granddaughter has been practicing on her.

    1. Mark, do they have a prison which would except her. They sent to prison Martha Stewart for the same crime Nancy is accused of.

  4. This “thing” has lived like a Queen off the taxpayer for decades and has done everything she could to Subvert Our Rule of Law for Political Gain!
    Exactly what has she accomplished that was actually Good for U.S.! She reminds me of a member of the French Aristocracy whose disdain for her “subjects” caused her to Lose Her Head!

    Remember the famous quote “Let The Eat Cake”? Well Pelosi’s Infamous Quote!

    “Let Them Eat Ice Cream” (paraphrasing) which should go down in history as one of the Lowlights of Her Legacy!

    If and when she retires it should be to a Prison Cell for Crimes Against American Humanity.


    America: Imagine yourself a sailor aboard a combat ship heading out to sea on a long deployment into some of the most dangerous waters in the world. You have cleared the outer buoy line, secured the deck for the open sea, and have retired to the mess for a cup of hot brew. Just as the first warm sip has coated your throat you learn that the ship’s captain is Joe Biden, the 1st officer is Kamala Harris, and the 2nd officer is Nancy Pelosi. What do you do now? As for me I am going to swig down the rest of the brew, grab my sea-bag and a life jacket, go to the stern, bid my shipmates fare sailing, salute the flag, and jump overboard! Pretty sure my odds are better of making the shore versus staying aboard!

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired
    PS. That’s right, I’m not a swabby. The Navy wouldn’t let me fly while the Army promised I could. They lied, spent my career in tanks, infantry, and MP’s.

    1. I loved your very interesting and visual, in my mind, picture of the 3 idiots. Have you thought of writing a book, the same funny way that you described in this short paragraph. I am still laughing!

  6. This old hag and her so leader from the Dementia asylum are what America has to show the world today.Aren’t you proud you all Democrat voters?

  7. Dennis R Wishon

    I will refrain from making a comment about this traitor and liar. When I even think about her I get sick of my stomach and have to go take a Obiden and wipe my Piglosi. Yes I know I need sensitivity training.

  8. Pelosi Looks Utterly Disgusting With Lipstick Smeared All Over Her Face … Yep “Mickeys Big Mouths” in a Brown bag will cause that every time… Just look at Maxine Waters!

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