MIC DROP! Look What Trump Just Said About Hillary Clinton

On December 19th, 2021, former President Donald Trump sat down with Maria Bartiromo during an exclusive interview. You won’t find a lot of videos on it because Sunday Morning Futures is something you need to have a Fox subscription for, or at least a cable subscription. That’s not counting the fact that Trump isn’t allowed on most social media anymore. There’s even some question as to how long a video depicting him will even stay on Twitter before the social media Oligarchs pull it down.

Several issues were mentioned, including the massive Infrastructure Bill that was allowed to pass. Trump blamed Mitch McConnell for not using the debt ceiling to outmaneuver the democrats. He sounded incensed by McConnell’s actions when he helped Schumer move the debt ceiling higher with a simply majority, so that Dems wouldn’t have to fight a filibuster. Trump demanded stronger leadership for the Republican party during 2022 and urged them to replace McConnel as soon as possible. Read more