WATCH: Black Guy Beats The Living HELL Out Of White Guy In A PARKING LOT And Cops Have A LOT To Say About It… But It’s Not What You Think

“He’s My Hero!” Woman Proclaims After Young Man Comes to Her Aid
NewsLinker December 21, 2021 SHARE
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On December 5th, 2021, at Kroger grocery store in Lemon Township, Ohio, an elderly woman’s purse was snatched. After calling for help, a young man came to her aide. He chased down the thief and laid a pretty good whoopin’ on the man before performing a citizen’s arrest until cops could arrive to take him into custody.

It all started when 89-year-old Pat Goins was making conversation with 27-year-old Deshawn Pressley as they were each standing in a checkout line. The father and his one-year-old moved onto one cash register, while Goins went to another. Suddenly, Goins cried out for help. Who should answer the call? The young man she’d just been talking to while in line.

Pressley gave an impressive chase and took down 58-year-old Derek Vauhn. He landed a few good punches, and even a kick while doing so. There have been one or two comments claiming the beat-down was a bit harsh. In reality, it was a bit harsh that Vauhn tried to steal from an 87-year-old woman.

Take a look at the video below to see what you think. Video