White House And Progressives Erupt Over Manchin’s “No” To Build Back Better

Just over 48 hours ago, I had posed a question on whether Senator Joe Manchin had the courage of his conviction to vote against Biden’s Build Back Better bill, withstanding the ensuing onslaught from irate progressives that would surly follow the fiasco.

On Sunday, Senator Manchin appeared on Fox News Sunday (minus Chris Wallace) and after months of speculation and negotiations, a measured and subdued Manchin had finally come to a final decision.

The West Virginia lawmaker, when asked by interim host Bret Baier if he would be able to support President Biden’s Build Back Better bill, responded that he could not support the $1.75 trillion package. The bill would surly increase the national debt and raise taxes on middle income wage earners, despite Biden’s claim that only those earning over $400,000 annually would see an increase in their taxes. Read more