CCP Spies Have Infiltrated Taiwan’s Military And It’s Worse Than You Could Possibly Imagine

It’s not just American industrial concerns and research establishments that the CCP is sending its spies to infiltrate. Apparently, according to Reuters, the upper reaches of Taiwan’s military, including the president’s protection detail, have been penetrated by CCP spies.

Reuters reports that a Chinese national named Xie Xizhang was one of the central players in the plot, saying:

On one trip in 2006, Xie met a senior retired Taiwanese navy officer, Chang Pei-ning, over a meal, according to official documents accusing the pair of espionage. Chang would become one of Xie’s agents, the documents allege, helping him penetrate Taiwan’s active military leadership as part of a long-running Chinese operation to build a spy ring among serving and retired military officers.

The Taiwanese officers and their families were allegedly lured by Xie’s offers of all-expenses-paid trips abroad, thousands of dollars in cash payments, and gifts such as silk scarves and belts for their wives. In June 2019, counter-espionage officers moved against Xie’s network, launching raids that uncovered further evidence, according to the documents, which were reviewed by Reuters. Now, Chang is facing espionage charges and a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Xie. According to a person familiar with the case, Xie is not in Taiwan. Read more