NASCAR Driver Involved in “Let’s Go Brandon!” Movement Does Some Research And What He Found Will Blow You Away

Ever since that fateful day when NBC reporter Kelli Stavast lied on air about the “F*** Joe Biden” chants being bellowed about her, the winner and interviewee Brandon Brown has been worried. Worried because he has sponsors to maintain. If he doesn’t keep or gain new sponsors to replace those that drop him, he can’t afford to race. If he can’t race, he certainly can’t win another Xfinity Series or any other series.

The Republican had never really bothered to talk about politics and did his best to stick with what he knew. Driving.

I would imagine that Brown is constantly asked his opinion of the FJB chants as well as the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants that have taken the former’s place. Does he hate it? Does it offend him? Is he proud to be part of a movement? Will he endorse future candidates? Those kind of questions do get annoying, and as a sport’s fan, I don’t really care about any of their opinions for the most part. I mostly wish they’d keep it to themselves. Read more