WATCH: Maskless Karen Punches Senior In The Face And Spits On Him For Not Wearing A Mask On The Plane, GETS ARRESTED!

Patricia Cornwall, a former actress and Raiders cheerleader who appeared in Playboy videos during the 1990s, is the woman who caused chaos on a December 23 Delta flight from Tampa to Atlanta where she went berserk on a man for not wearing his mask. Cornwall, who was taken into custody by the FBI over the weekend for slapping and spitting on the man, appeared Monday in the Northern District of Georgia court where she was hit with an official criminal complaint by the U. S. government.

Cornwall, 51, is charged with violating Title 18 of U. S. Code for specifically assaulting, beating, or wounding a passenger during a domestic flight. The man who was assaulted told the FBI that Cornwall was returning from the restroom in the rear of the plane when she came to a spot where the beverage cart was blocking the aisle. Cornwall then asked a flight attendant to help her find her seat and was told to just find an open seat until the beverage service was complete. Read more