Liberal Lockdowns Pushed Almost 100 MILLION People Back Into Poverty, These Facts Will Keep You Up At Night

According to the World Bank, the worldwide Covid response, much of which consisted of lockdowns and other economy-killing activities, pushed nearly 100 million people back into poverty.

In a blog post, which updated its original estimates on the deleterious effects the Covid response might have, the World Bank had this to say:

[B]ecause the pace of reduction [in poverty] is similar to what we expected before the pandemic spread, the recovery taking place will not be sufficient to close the gap the pandemic is estimated to have caused in 2020. Globally, the increase in poverty that occurred in 2020 due to COVID still lingers, and the COVID-induced poor in 2021 continues to be 97 million people.  If global poverty continues to reduce at the pace we expected before the pandemic, every year there will be tens of millions of people living in poverty because of the initial fallout from the pandemic.

That’s a shocking admission from a globalist organization like the World Bank; even it’s admitting that the lockdowns harmed a huge number of people in a highly negative way. In fact,  this was the first time in two decades that the number of poor people around the globe increased. Read more