SHOCK: These Are The Worst Polling Numbers To Date For Joe Biden

Joe Biden has never been the most popular politician on Capitol Hill, which is confirmed in his low polling numbers coming out with voters being asked to evaluate our nation’s Chief Executive Officer’s job performance.

President Biden’s dismal job approval rating just sunk below his top deputies including Vice President Kamala Harris and Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, a poll for the 79-year-old commander-in-chief and his team revealed Monday, with the public seemingly scoring a combined ‘F’ for the Democrat leadership.

With his embarrassing low 43 percent approval rating, Biden is the ninth-highest ranked out of 11 federal leaders, according to a Gallup poll assessing national leadership for 2021 decided.

However, on a positive note for basement Joe, his presidential disapproval rating of 51 percent is lower than Harris’ 54-point negative job rating, as the negative polling just keeps on coming for the increasingly embattled Biden White House. Read more