WATCH: Tesla Owner Does the Unthinkable After Receiving Repair Quote

Have you ever broke anything and thought that it was too much of a hassle or just too expensive to fix? I think many of us have been there. Your vacuum breaks down. Now you have to find a box that will fit the giant contraption and pay to get it shipped out to the manufacturer, which isn’t cheap. From there, you wait, for God knows how long, for them to fix it and have them ship it back to you on your dime. By this time months have gone by and the dust and dog hair has accumulated so much that you could make several pillows with it. So, instead of waiting for all of that to happen, you toss out the old and broken and buy a new vacuum.

This is what happened to one man who owned a Tesla car. After several error codes have accumulated, the owner brought the vehicle in to have a diagnostic test done. One would expect a couple of thousand dollars at the most. This was not the case for Tuomas Katainen from Finland. He received a whopping quote of around 20,000 Euros, which is just over $22,000 US dollars! Read More