Billions Meant For “Covid Testing” Sent To The The Worst Possible Place, This Was Done On Purpose

“He reallocated $2 billion of money that should have gone towards COVID testing but instead sent it to house illegals at the border.”

That quote above comes directly from Republican Congressman Jason Smith of Missouri. And what reason does he have to lie?

Let us never forget how liberals love them some illegal aliens more than Americans. If Dems cared for their fellow citizens, they’d take care of homeless veterans (for starters).

To Democrats in power, illegals are easier to give handouts to which ensures future votes headed their way. Read more

12 thoughts on “Billions Meant For “Covid Testing” Sent To The The Worst Possible Place, This Was Done On Purpose”

  1. It’s YOUR taxes too Lefty’s that being ILL-SPENT on non-US Citizens. In time they WILL be replacing your job & business. Eventually YOU will be joining the street-people living in tents.

    1. You have to remember, Vern, Lefties get perks worth far more than the paltry, token taxes they supposedly pay to the IRS!

    2. Alainet de breaux

      Maybe we should all refuse to pay any more taxes!!!! Then these yahoo’s won’t have any money to spend!!

  2. This should be illegal and Biden should be held accountable and put in prison for the rest of his life which hopefully won’t be long.

  3. This is the POS defrauding the public! Why should we pay taxes? This is treason and it’s time he gets called out. Sick of their destructiveness.

  4. Relax, just liberals in power doing what they are supposed to be doing. They will keep it up. Be careful what you cheat for…you just might get it. Sooner or later it will come and bite YOU in the arse.

  5. OMG, don’t let the Democrats win another election, please! Why does this administration hate all Americans this much. Stop the Administration being soft on China, break up the alliance between China and Russia, pull Russia back to friend not enemy status. Be careful with Iran dealings and watch Afghanistan, as it is becomes back to influence from China and Russia. Be aware of the damage that Europe is doing to Northern Ireland, and the UK and butt out, and look who your real allies are. Close the Mexican border to illegals and deport them and finish the wall. Remove the vote from all illegals, as it is proposed. Democrats must loose the senate and the House as soon as possible to stop this administration handing the keys over, to enemies of the USA. May this happen ASAP, to save our great Country.

  6. Best way to stop politicians from killing millions would be for No One to file income Tax This Year for 2021!
    The Gov. would go crazy, they would send out threats, but fuck them, just let them try!
    There’s more honest citizens than Dirty Politicans.
    There’s an old saying ( take no prisoners ). For some one would want you to feed them.

  7. Today, $2 billion was “repurposed” from COVID testing to housing illegal aliens and the author calls this the worst possible place for the money to go. I disagree-if money can be repurposed and spent somewhere besides where it was designated, look for Democrat political campaigns to get a huge future boost from a new dark money source. They’ve set aside TRILLIONS of dollars for crap, and if it can be so easily “repurposed” you know it will show up in Democrat campaigns, because for a Democrat nothing is more important than getting reelected.

  8. The Demoncrats need the illegals to replace the next generation of “their voters” which is being aborted away.

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