ABSURD: Does Biden Wear A Condom Alone In Bed? Look Where He Wears His Mask Now

A video clip making the rounds on social media within the last few days, shows a masked-up President Biden strolling on a deserted beach with First Lady Jill Biden and their dog Commander.

Footage posted on Twitter by C-SPAN shows a fully vaccinated Biden wearing his signature black face mask during a brief outing on Rehoboth Beach, where there were only a few people. The First Lady, who’s also fully vaccinated, chose not to follow her husbands lead and went without a face mask for their brief stroll on the beach.

Biden has worn the face mask at almost every public event, regardless if it’s indoors, outdoors, or if there are even people around. He continues to where the mask, despite the CDC’s guidelines stating that the “risk when you’re outdoors, is extremely low.” Read more