Boy Saves Two People In One Day From Dying HORRIBLE Deaths

When 11-year old Davyon Johnson of Muskogee, Oklahoma, left for school on the morning of December 9th, he was unaware he would be responsible for saving the lives of two people.

The first incident occurred shortly after Johnson got to class at Muskogee Public School, when he noticed that a classmate at the 6th and 7th Grade Academy began making a strange sound. Immediately, Davyon realized the other kid was chocking after he accidentally swallowed a water bottle cap while attempting to pry it open with his teeth.

Davyon sprung into action, sprinting over to the choking classmate to begin the Heimlich maneuver. According to an eye witness, the bottle cap just popped out.

Davyon described the incident, explaining that he quickly wrapped his arms around his classmate and “burped him kind of.” He also revealed to reporters he learned the Heimlich technique while watching YouTube, and recommends everyone should learn the simple lifesaving maneuver. Read more