INTERESTING: Steve Bannon Confronts MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Over Trump-Appointed Judges Ruling Against Him

In the United States Of America, there are thousands of people, influencers, who work daily to try to make a difference for various causes. All of them run into obstacles, with only a handful of them who are willing to lay it all down when it counts. Their convictions are so engrained in their being that anything short of going all-in is a foreign idea.

An estimated 75 plus million Americans voted for Donald J. Trump on November 3rd, 2020, well above what the consultants ensured him he would need to be re-elected.

Following the voting machines shutting down, then re-starting in the swing states, mystery ballots getting dropped off in the early morning hours of November 4th and over the next week, the election eventually was called for Joe Biden.

These unexplained events and shocking outcome, lead to the January 6th rally at the U.S. Capitol Building. In addition, a national debate is still underway over what really happened during those 24 hours which allowed an unpopular, mentally declining man, who did not campaign, to mysteriously defeat Trump by several million votes. Read more