Biden Meltdown – COVID Defeats The Loser In Chief In A Way No One Thought Possible

What is taking place in liberal cities and states was predicted, and unfortunately is coming to pass with President Biden to blame for the chaos.

Mr. Biden in a recent interview said he wished he would have ordered 500 million COVID testing kits a few months ago.

In a subsequent press conference Biden promised the American people he put in an order for the huge number of kits. Then Joe did the unthinkable, he took off for his beach house to celebrate New Year’s Eve after deciding to not sign the contracts for the “Desperately Needed” test kits until 2022.

In a recipe for disaster, many DC residents have been told by medical professionals they should be scared of the omicron variant, while at the same time there were/are not enough COVID tests on hand to help ease their minds when they seek testing. Read more