OFFICIAL: Biden’s Historically Awful 1st Year Is Worst of Any Modern President And The Reasons Will ACTUALLY Surprise You

If you were one of the supposed 80+ million Americans who voted for Joe Biden in November 2020, you need to return your voter ID card ASAP. You’re not smart enough to be trusted with such a privilege.

President Trump did nothing – absolutely nothing – to be kicked out of office. He quite literally earned a second term in the White House after accomplishing so much in just four short years.

Unfortunately, as we now enter 2022, the point is moot. For the past year, Biden has been the one to work from the Oval Office (when he’s not vacationing back home in Delaware, which is often).

Time after time, Joe has proven to the American people that he is simply too weak to rise to the occasion. Even worse, the man is not “all there” upstairs. Read more