SJW Radicals Blindsided – Racist ASU Students Angry Over The Most REDICULUS Thing Imaginable

The first and most prominent University in the U.S., Harvard, was established in 1636 and continues today. Yale University was established in 1701 to train ministers in theology and sacred languages and is also still educating future generations in 2021.

Following these and other original places of higher learning, universities and colleges have rapidly declined over the past 100 years with many embracing social justice causes, and in effect have become progressive, Marxist portals of indoctrination.

Instead of preparing students to join the marketplace and work their way up in the profession, they received their degree in, the teaching faculties instead are training the young people to reject American patriotism, convince them white Americans have been and are still systemically racists, and are positioning the government as the only option for people of color to obtain equity.

Three months ago, a video circulated showing two black females walking into the Arizona State University multicultural center and saw two white male students on their laptops, minding their own business, and started harassing them for daring to sit in an area available for all students. Read more