Double Speak! Biden First Warned Of Winter of Severe Illness and Death, Then No Fed Solution, Now He Has Made an Even DUMBER Statement

The President Biden COVID rollercoaster took another turn on New Year’s Eve while most of America was celebrating the end of one of the most difficult years in United States history. Joe’s handlers must have determined that they should deliver a positive, victorious message, going into the new year.

The problem is putting out three distinctly different messages over a two-week period doesn’t fly, but actually causes more angst in the hearts of the population due to a lack of a cogent plan offered by their nation’s Chief Executive Officer.

On Friday, December 17, 2021, The White House went after those who have rejected the COVID jabs for personal, including religious reasons. President Biden threatened the unvaccinated with severe illness and death for them and their families if they remain unvaccinated this winter.

So, our message to every American is clear: There is action you can take to protect yourself and your family.  Wear a mask in public indoor settings.  Get vaccinated, get your kids vaccinated, and get a booster shot when you’re eligible. Read more