Fearful Nation! Poll – 51% Of U.S. Adults Fearful Of What Is To Come, 30% Less Hope For Themselves In 2022!

As we start the new year, 2022, a new poll was released showing that the Marxist plan of controlling the masses is working.

President Biden’s first year was disastrous causing high inflation, a crumbling foreign policy, supply chain issues, skyrocketing crime, crippling energy costs, to name a few, which have the average American featureful for what will take place over the next 365 days.

The main issue is Joe’s complete mishandling of COVID.

Our Commander In Chief promised 11 times to get Coronavirus under ‘Control’ in 2020. Instead the number of deaths increased during his presidency. Last week Biden went on vacation without ordering the promised COVID Testing Kits. Left for vacation without signing the contracts For The “Desperately Needed” 500 Million Test Kits. Read more