BIG LEAGUE! Trump Holds Commanding Lead In 2024 Poll, More Than Anyone Thought Possible!

Due to massive media disinformation from radically far-left Democrat hosts of low-rated networks, Donald Trump is not president today. He should be.

Trump made correct move after correct move when it came to policy decisions while he was America’s 45th president. Alas, the world is now saddled with a mentally impaired old man who most likely goes to sleep at 7pm.

As we enter 2022, the midterm elections are just around the corner. If Republicans can take back the House and Senate (which shouldn’t be a problem, given how the left is driving this country into the ground), it will set a major precedent going into 2024.

And wouldn’t ya know it? It looks like conservatives want Trump back in office over the likes of Ron DeSantis and others.

It is important to note that a poll needs to survey 2,000 people to be considered legitimate. The one conducted below was comprised of 4,407 adults. Only 14% were unsure of who they’d support. Read more