Generous Teen Gives It All Up To Raise Money For Cancer

Kieran Moïse, a young, compassionate teen, decided to put his impressive 19” Afro hairdo to good use by offering his beautiful curls in a charity drive.

The 17-year old was joining the United States Air Force Academy, where his imposing Afro would instantly be sheared off and swept into the garbage, along with thousands of other new recruits. That’s when Kieran conjured up a way to have his pride and joy put to good use; by inviting the community in Huntsville, Alabama, to watch him get his Afro shaved off in a charity drive to benefit kids with cancer.

“My son has always had a huge heart,” said Kelly Moïse, 49. “He was determined that if he was going to have to get a haircut anyway, then he should pay it forward in a way that would help as many people as possible.”

Ever since he was a child, Kieran always took pride in his appearance. For the last 6 years, he had grown his hair out, opting not to have it cut or trimmed until it stood high and wide above his head, impressing all that came into contact with him. Read more