SHOCK VIDEO: Biden Appears to Learn Only TODAY That Beef Prices Have Skyrocketed

Democrats: convincing the uninformed that Republicans are racist, while also working against the best interests of the American people.

Man, was Joe Biden’s first year in the White House a gigantic catastrophe or what?

The thing is, we all saw this coming – even liberals, deep down, knew that Biden’s policies wouldn’t work. But all that mattered was getting back at Trump for being too good of a president and defending America?

What a headache.

Here’s a clip of Joe apparently learning for the very first time that beef prices are up.


2 thoughts on “SHOCK VIDEO: Biden Appears to Learn Only TODAY That Beef Prices Have Skyrocketed”

  1. Dennis R Wishon

    Ok one must ask the question, Who is responsible for this cost increase on beef. I tell you for a fact it is not the producers/farmers. The family has a successful ranch in the panhandle of Oklahoma where beef is raised and produced and we are getting no more but in fact less for the price for our beef that we are selling and with the government guild lines/rules i increasing it is becoming even more difficult for American farmers and ranchers to produce a product for the American people. Lobbyist are working hard in Washington to phase out individual ranchers and farmers for corporate farms and over seas beef producers. Wake up people before it is to late. Buy you beef from a local ranchers/farmer wherever and whenever possible. Check the internet for one closest to you. You will get better quality beef at a much lower price and yes the beef is required to be processed a a state certified facility before being piece sold to you and I.

    1. Lara M. Runger CAPT USAF (Ret)

      I agree that buying local is a great idea and no doubt better quality but at a much lower price is not my experience.

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