HOLY HELL! Iran Has ATTACKED An American Base And The Media Is Not Covering It, Biden SILENT, Here’s What You Need To Know

While leftists slander and attack the very idea of America at home, our foreign enemies are acting just as aggressively abroad, especially Iran.

That barbaric, medieval state, a theocracy that’s one of the largest funders of terrorism, is now attacking Americans abroad after vowing revenge for Trump’s 2020 killing of IRGC general Soleimani, an Iranian officer that worked closely with terrorist groups in the region.

Most recently, Iran’s anti-American aggression took the form of a suicide drone attack on a US base in Iraq.

On Monday, January 3rd, the second anniversary of Soleimani’s killing, a pair of Iranian suicide drones plummeted toward a US base near the Baghdad airport, meant to massacre the Americans stationed there.

Fortunately, the Army’s focus on wokeness hasn’t completely degraded its anti-missile capabilities..yet. Responding to the attack, the base’s defense systems were able to shoot down the two suicide drones without incident.

However, despite the lack of damage, the attack is important because it signals Iran’s willingness to continue attacking Americans in the region. Read more