VIDEO: Ron DeSantis Says What We’re All Thinking And Liberals Are FURIOUS, He’s NOT Holding Back!

In the free state of Florida, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis has been a thorn in the flesh of the Marxist Biden administration’s plans to enforce their will on Americans nationwide.

Multiple times he has challenged lockdowns, vaccine passports and recently called out the Biden administration asking them to release the stranglehold on life-saving Monoclonal Antibodies.

On Wednesday morning, Mr. DeSantis pushed back against vaccine passports, arguing the requirement would “discriminate against people.”

DeSantis shared the quote in a Twitter post that included a video clip from a press conference where he spoke out against vaccine passports.

“Vaccine passports discriminate against people and create a two-tiered society based on a personal health decision,” the governor wrote.

“They have failed on their own terms and have damaged society in the process,” Read more