President Trump Puts Joe Biden In A COMA After He Said THIS About January 6th, Liberals DEVASTATED On Life Support!

Former President Donald J. Trump has been actively responding to the fake news networks and Democrats’ false claims since leaving office.

The corporate media has been ramping up their coverage of the one-year anniversary of the January 6th Capitol Hill riots, hoping to hurt Trump’s chances of running again in 2024 while stopping the declining polling for Democrats, especially President Joe Biden.

An hour before Biden’s scheduled speech, which the advance copy showed he would blame Mr. Trump for the “insurrection”, Trump issued the following brief comment:

Due to inept leadership that gave us open borders, COVID incompetence, loss of energy independence, a military in chaos, rampant inflation, corrupt elections, and lack of world standing, our Nation, perhaps for the first time, has lost its confidence! Read more