FINALLY: Here is when Trump’s Social Media App Will Launch And Democrats Are Devastated!

America has known that it was coming for a long time. Democrats have to be scared out of their minds. Facebook and Twitter and probably a little worried, too.

But this Presidents Day (go figure), Donald Trump’s TRUTH Social Media Network is set to make its debut.

Get ready, folks.

Here’s the scoop, from Yahoo News via Reuters: Read more

32 thoughts on “FINALLY: Here is when Trump’s Social Media App Will Launch And Democrats Are Devastated!”

  1. WOW! The RIGHT Side will be heard and much to the dismay of the LEFT including Mr. Zuckerberg who thinks of himself as “THE Word”!

  2. I have been saying for months, “cancel the cancel culture”! Idn understand anyone maintaining a FB or Twittertwat account.

  3. I still have not seen the date !!! I will be very happy that it starts & continues. I have hundreds of emails every day asking me if I will join. I have no available funds to donate. I am on his side with prayers & good thoughts, but that is all that I have to support him with.

    1. Why do you have to pay to join a website that adverts “free speech”? I support Trump with monthly donations – isn’t that enough to get into his website? Really wonder who is the “real deal” when you have to pay, pay, pay with no garantees that Trump will once again actually BE President. Then I wonder if Trump should be in the White House once again. Free “word of mouth” support is worth many times paid websites cost. I wonder if Trump will make tons of money off of us, then bail out on us returning to Mar-a-Lago, his walled “fortress”. I have not seen a politician that I could wholly trust since President Kennedy whose family made their money during Prohibition. For years, I have voted for the “lesser of two evils”. I have not seen any reason to change that rule of thumb. Every politician has been in office to make a buck since Teddy Roosevelt, and none since him have been disappointed. Serving our Country has taken a back seat to enriching theirselves, as we have clearly seen with Joseph Biden and his family.
      Trump, in my mind, has a choice, either bear the cost of his website alone, or forget my contributions to the Republican Party. As a Senior in an age of double digit inflation on a fixed income, I cannot support both the candidate, and his online mouthpiece. Trump HAS to make a choice, either provide free speech on his website, or get campaign contributions to try again at the Presidency which he may not win. I cannot afford both.

      1. No kidding!!! The “Trump Team” has pumped and pumped for more funds and VERY successfully and I like Fred don’t have unlimited funds!! TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT and I will be part of Truth. I have given all I can and want all the above to happen!!!!!! 100% support!!

        1. Explain “free” when the website demands $45 to join? Where do I go to sign up? Please give a web address so I can go there!

      2. If you are not willing to pay for his services on his new platform then you were never a trumper. To pay trump for free speech platform is to show him our appreciation for all he did for us while he was president. He is worth investing in.

        1. Glenda,
          When the choice is between the somewhat good, the bad and the ugly, voting is a crapshoot. And, we do not have to””pay” Trump to get on his website now that it FINALLY exists, we paid enough when he WAS President through our taxes.
          Though Trump warned the Republican party 18 months before the fraudulent voting practices happened, they ignored him. The GOP then allowed the “Big Tech” companies to ban Trump from public media. So, in my eyes, the GOP wanted to get rid of Trump badly enough to let the far left liberals “free reign” to do anything they wanted – and they did. I still support Trump for a second AND third term to make up for the illegal loss of his rightful second term.
          So, now we have to endure an administration illegally elected that promotes homosexuality, Socialism, myriad unconstitutional “mandates”, foreign aid to Countries I would not trust – ever, and a bumbling fool for a President that is nothing but a “mouthpiece” for others that wish to destroy America. Should I go on?
          We once found an ATF agent snooping around our town and he was promptly detained and returned to his office in Atlanta with a letter from our Governor to never return unless he wanted to spend the next 20 years in Solitary Confinement in the oldest jail we run in this State. We do not tolerate such persons in our State’s jurisdiction.
          So, yes, I do support the NRCC as a whole, and one donation a month directly to Trump, but I firmly believe that one donation a month is sufficient. Now, why do I do this? If the candidate does not get chosen in the primary, or fails to get elected in November, he gets to keep the monies not spent (reference the Federal Elections Committee) as his own. I am on a fixed income, and cannot spare money to all the email demands the Trump Campaign or NRCC wants. AND, everytime I got an invitation to join Trump’s Social Media, a demand for $45 accompanied it. I may be old, and disabled, but I am not stupid. Now, $45 may not be much to you, but it is a weeks groceries to me in a hyperinflated world with a demented and childish President, not to mention the cost of gasoline to get to a grocery!
          Let me leave you with this thought: My Rights do not end where your “opinions” begin. That quote is for everyone who wants to remote control my life, not just you. The Constitution is the permanent “law of the land”. Congress and other appointed officials had better take note of this quote, because Karma is a bit©h. That includes the executive branch, especially when they hide behind a wall of concrete and razor wire in a place that belongs to the PEOPLE.

    2. Prayers and Good Thoughts have much more value than money!!!!! May you personally find many “Blessings” in 2022.

    1. Man I hope not, I was hoping for a Facebook alt too, not a Twitter alt. We already have a Twitter alt on Gettr, God i hope he does the right thing lol

    2. I agree, but if it’s done like Gab or MeWe where you only pay if you want advanced features like scheduling posts and running ads (business profiles) it’ll work.

    3. Not true. He will still end up putting Twitter and fb out of business AND he will make much needed money for his campaign for 2024.

    1. I agree. Paying for a Trump mouthpiece when he is a billionaire is not logical, nor wise when others (Facebook, Twitter, Rant Rampage, YouTube, and many others do not charge for mormal access. Then, I you want special features, you pay for them. The time I spend on social websites does not warrant me paying for anything, much less just being to access and comment on a political website. Besides, the growing movement for an Article V Constitutional Convention will make all this moot. All they need is two more States to sign and Congress and the Biden Adminisrtation are both sidelined, powerless, and at the CON-CON’s mercy. A Con-Con cannot be influenced, affected, or stopped by Congress in any way.
      I no longer fear a Constitutional Convention, as it cannot change the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments, but it CAN change the 16th Amendment. Then politicians would have to serve at their own expense, no pay, no special benefits, no retirement, no special health care. They would be subject to the same laws WE have to live under. No special immunity from being arrested for ignoring their roles under the Constitution for the oaths they made to be seated in Congress, and then promptly ignored. “Oathbreakers” we call them. “The Swamp” others call the Capitol building.
      One wonders if Trump would be so eager to even BE President after a Constitutional Convention has occurred. The liberal “far left” would be destroyed. The Federal Government would be reduced by 75%, and the generational “free rides” would be over. Everybody over 18 would have to work for a living – for a change. Congress would have “term limits” forced upon them, no longer would you have Teddy Kennedy’s dying in office from old age.
      Get a copy of Article V from our Constitution and READ IT. There is nothing for the common man to fear for his RIGHTS, they would be RESTORED to what they used to be. No more IRS, no more tax evasion charges from the Feds, no more losing your homes and posessions to the Feds to satisfy any shortages in your taxes. The State’s Rights restored. Go on, get a copy of Article V, read it and see if I am not right. I dare any and all of you to do this.

  4. We love Trump’s energy and policy. We donate monthly because of it.
    But if he charges for the site instead of using advertising from Conservative sources. It’s gonna fail. We cannot accept that.

  5. I hope Trump social media makes Billions and Billions he deserves every penny for what social media did and is doing to his family and our country .
    fakebook and tweeter created their own competition the big dummies

  6. I have changed my mind on an Article V Constitutional Convention on the advice of Hillsdale College memo to me. Conditions are too unstable for a successful and conservative Convention, so I withdraw my comment on a Con-Con and urge others to ignore it. Having a Constitutional Convention now would be like turning a fox loose in a chicken coop, destroying all chances of a successful Convention to rein in a government out of control. No Con-Con, No Compromise.

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