SICK VIDEO! You Will Not Be Able To Un-see This!

I’m “literally shaking” right now. Some right-wing fanatic, probably a Trump voter, said that these obviously empowered girl bosses aren’t actually empowered. What a fool!

I mean, just watch these feminist icons and see all that feminism has conquered in its long march through the West:

Girl power! They just broke the glass ceiling and became…Michael Vick’s dogs. Read more

12 thoughts on “SICK VIDEO! You Will Not Be Able To Un-see This!”

  1. Not just disgusting but totally humiliating . why would anyone do this to another human or even agree to do so ????????????????????????????

  2. It is obvious that’s was done as a joke to push your liberal buttons. Good grief folks if you’re buying this baloney I can only say get a life for crying out loud!

  3. Looks like a bad crossing the line ceremony. The only things missing are the Garbage and clothes put on in the wrong order and inside out. Personally the video is IGNORANT and makes the females in it look STUPID. But this is a free Nation I know because I helped keep it that way for 20 years in what I call Uncle Sam’s Canoe Club AKA US Navy.

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