Great! Look Who Just Arrested For TREASON!

As Russian and Belarusian armed forces are being deployed to Kazakhstan in a desperate attempt to stop rioters who are furious with Kazakhstan’s government for doubling the price of petroleum gas, reports have now surfaced that the Ex-security chief of Kazakhstan has now been arrested for treason.

A statement from Kazakhstan’s National Security Committee declared that former Security Chief Karim Massimov was arrested for treason. There were no further details on why Massinov was charged.

Massimov was not only the former Security Chief, but he was also the former Prime Minister for close to a decade.

Here’s where things get a bit strange though. A picture from 2019 was released on the Kazakhstan Initiative On Asset Recovery (KIAR) that shows Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden, former Security chief Karim Massimov, and another Kazakhstan oligarch by the name of Kenes Rakishev.

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