Look Who ANTIFA Just Targeted With A BOMB

An alleged militant of the terrorist organization Antifa was arrested in Florida on January 6th for having a pipe bomb in his possession. Garrett Smith, 22, was wearing a black bloc(Antifa’s signature attire) and acting very suspicious outside a conservative rally that was located outside Pinellas County Courthouse.

Police spotted Smith running away from the rally, causing officers to approach Smith and resulting in a foot chase. Smith never got the chance to detonate the homemade bombs. After his arrest, police searched his parent’s home where Smith resides and found more homemade bombs with a “direct action checklist”. Read more

2 thoughts on “Look Who ANTIFA Just Targeted With A BOMB”

  1. They all should be arrested for their part in destroying public and private property and assault on citizens and the Police. They firebombed a Courthouse and burned Police stations. How many are in jail for that. It has cost the public millions plus in damage.

  2. Any antifa member should be arrested, Jailed without a trial by jury and put in solitary confinement for the rest of their lives. There is no logical reason for them to exist. Maybe 30 years at hard labor would be better, as they would actually be doing something instead of eating their bellies full at the taxpayers expense and laying around being lazy.

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