When Will Fauci Get Arrested? Look What Fauci Blocked Now, He’s a MURDERER

There are corrupt activities taking place in our government yet no one is getting held accountable for them.

One main issue is the constant flow of information coming out of the shadows showing Dr. Fauci’s fingerprints all over the COVID grants, the companies coordinating the virus research in China ETC.

U.S. Senator and Doctor Rand Paul has directly accused Fauci several times of lying about funding the “gain of function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Read more

12 thoughts on “When Will Fauci Get Arrested? Look What Fauci Blocked Now, He’s a MURDERER”

  1. I make a point of ignoring what Fauci has to say. And, for that matter, I ignore what the rest of the Biden Administration has to say because Biden is totally irrelevant! OUR White House has been occupied by a stumbling, bumbling, muttering fool who doesn’t even know what to say or what to do unless it is spoon fed to him in very small portions. At times, Biden seldom knows where he is or what he is told to say. He never takes questions from the media because his “handlers” cannot trust him to make a coherent statement (for the uneducated among you, “coherent” means “understandable”). Biden keeps flying back to his basement where he used to live to hide from the media – his Linus “blue blanket” sense of “security” he desperately needs and costing taxpayers millions to “sooth his never active brow”. For the very first time, we have a President that has nothing going on in his brain because there is nothing left there to actually think with. So contradictory has his speeches been, we really do not know the man, or his “platform”. Such speeches have been so disjointed, it seems to be coming from several different people that fight over the chance to use his mouth for their different agendas. What makes me confused is that Congress has done nothing to remove Biden and put him in a rest home for the demented under lock and key.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better! It’s a wonder that the democrats couldn’t find a better puppet to install. Biden is so inept and incompetent. Even Obama said “Never underestimate Joe’s ability to screw things up.” And that was before he was obviously in a dementia fog. No wonder we are the laughingstock of the world.

        1. Obama did say in an interview that if he could get someone in office. And if they had a ear peice, he could have his 3rd term.

  2. Fauci is a New World Order operative. A Soros/China, U.S. socialist/democrat lap dog orchestrating the flow of taxpayers’ money to big pharma and special interest groups within the federal government( Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Obama). Book him Rand, book him!

  3. yes, fauXi ought to go to PRISON not just for LYING TO CONGRESS but for all the DEATHS from the KILLER “vaccine”, which was proved to be KILLER in “the real anthony fauci” book by RFK Jr. (and bill gates to prison, too, and zuckerberg to prison for also CENSORING the TRUTH about it all)


  5. I think it’s fair if we use the same box that was used to hold the puppies when they were tortured. I’m all for sticking lord fauchi in a box and letting those nasty flies eat his face off and let him suffer to the point of death. What’s good for the dogs should be good for the pussies.

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