Impossible, The Number of LEGAL Immigrants The Chamber of Commerce Wants to Add is Blowing Everyone’s Minds Including LIBERALS

Don’t want your job taken by illegal immigrants that are paid in cash wages far lower than what the government has told employers they must pay you? Don’t want legal immigrants flooding into the country and stealing jobs from your children? Don’t want both groups sucking up America’s housing supply, placing an immense strain on LEOs and the welfare system, and further crowding our infrastructure?

Too bad. The Chamber of Commerce CEO, far more interested in protecting and furthering elite interests like topline “GDP growth” than how the economy is working for the average, taxpaying, hardworking American, wants to give amnesty to illegals and double legal immigration.

Speaking Tuesday, January 11th, Chamber of Commerce CEO Suzanne Clark said:

I talk to CEOs and leaders of businesses of every size, industry, and region every day—and to a person they tell me this: This workforce shortage is a crisis. It is contributing to supply chain disruptions and rising inflation. It is undermining business growth. Read more

5 thoughts on “Impossible, The Number of LEGAL Immigrants The Chamber of Commerce Wants to Add is Blowing Everyone’s Minds Including LIBERALS”

  1. Why is the chamber of commerce having anything to do with illegal and legal immigration. I thought the chamber was to help businesses and tourists, generally seeking to improve their communities. Taking in any kind of immigrate costs the taxpayer money, taxes for schooling, taxes for running the local govt which helps the illegals instead of having their police catch and arrest illegals and send them home and follow up to make sure they are out of the country, period, and thus saving taxpayers money so it can be spent on what taxpayers need not what a bunch of illegals from another country coming in and ripping the taxpayers off with the help of our govt and by our chamber .in my area which is supposed to be working for us taxpayers and not illegals who eat up our taxes.

    1. And let’s never take care of any immigrant whatsoever. They’re supposed to have their sh t together when they get here, as approved by INS. Why don’t they?

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