This Woke MAJOR City Is Now Handing Out FREE Heroin

The extremely progressive city of Vancouver like other large cities in Canada and the United States has seen a massive surge of fentanyl-related overdoses during the pandemic. While lawmakers are focused on pushing vaccine mandates, they are completely ignoring the fentanyl epidemic. An underground activist group called DULF(Drug User Liberation Front) is looking to stop overdoses. The only problem is they are giving users free drugs out in the open in Vancouver, Canada in an attempt to stop overdoses.

Yes, that’s right DULF is handing out free Heroin, Meth, Cocaine, and other hard drugs that have been tested negative for Fentanyl. The logic by DULF is that if users can do drugs that do not contain Fentanyl then the overdose rates will go down. There’s a major flaw in that logic because drugs even without fentanyl can still cause someone to overdose or deteriorate one’s health.

Essentially what DULF is doing is giving out free drugs and enabling users to stay addicted. DULF only hands out free drugs on selected dates, so in between the free drug handouts, users will have plenty of time to, unfortunately, get ahold of drugs that do contain fentanyl.

A co-founder who organized the free drug handouts was quoted saying there is no risk of overdosing on “fentanyl” but there is a risk of overdosing on the drug itself. The city of Vancouver doesn’t condone the ‘safe supply’ pop-up events, but they have done nothing to stop the movement either. Read more