Iran Releases Disturbing Video Showing Trump Being Assassinated By Drone Strike

Iran has just released a sickening propaganda CGI (Computer Generated Image) video which depicts President Trump and former secretary of State Mike Pompe being targeted by a drone strike at Mar-a-Lago’s golf course. Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei released the video called “Revenge is Definite” and has been released to threaten Trump for his ordered drone strike that killed General Qassem Soleimani.

The video starts off with a remote control car performing surveillance of Trump and Pompeo playing golf. Suddenly, the operator of the remote control surveillance car hacks into Trump’s security system and is allowed through the Mar-a-Lagos front gate. The video then proceeds to show the operator of a drone aiming a strike against Trump and Pompeo. Before they issue the strike, they send Pompeo a message which states: “Soleimani’s murderer and the one who gave the order will pay the price.”

You can watch the piece of sadistic propaganda below: Read more

7 thoughts on “Iran Releases Disturbing Video Showing Trump Being Assassinated By Drone Strike”

  1. Watch yourselves be careful what you think and reveal. In my opinion, it`s way past time to turn your country back into the way we found you. Without oil, your country is nothing but a sandhill that`s screaming for vitrification.

  2. There is no wisdom or power against the Lord! We are invincible till our time to go if found seeking to do God’s will!
    We miss President Trump immensely but even a man gaining that position by deception and nefariously, can only get there truly by God allowing it, and a very solemn fact; the unfailing word of God
    teaches that when God does allow such evil it is well deserved!
    He sometimes gives for a time the wicked their desires, that “Justice must be seen to be fully done!

  3. Proof sanctions are the deterrent. What a joke, pallets of cash from joe and his handler o. Just talk to them. Surely joe can change their belief system, look how well it’s working with his own citizens. It is their creed, our word salad will not change it. They honor death for their cause. The words DEATH TO AMERICA, actually mean; Death to America. They do not politically correct the statement, they mean what they say. Obviously our sanctions need to specifically impact their video production ability….not bad production for a country suffering from our sanctions….a stern talking to by joe and anthony will surely get them to change their goals, religion and core belief system. Thank goodness our politicians narrative seems to be waking more up. I miss leaders in leadership roles.

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