TRAGIC: Look What Happened To This Air Force Officer Who IS ALLERGIC To The Vaccine

The military has granted very few exemptions for its Covid-19 jab requirement. Though many servicemen and women have applied for religious and medical exemptions, an infinitesimally small percentage have actually received them.

Unfortunately, yet another servicemember just found out that the military wouldn’t listen to reason and grant her exemption request; with Brandon’s military, it’s Fauci’s way or the highway.

That servicemember is Lt. Col. Brandi King, an Air Force Reserve officer that replied for a medical exemption on the basis of an allergy to one of the jab ingredients and not only saw her exemption application denied, but was actually reprimanded for having the temerity to ask.

The background is this; Lr. Col. King tested positive for an allergy to an ingredient in COVID-19 vaccines, polysorbate. On the basis of that allergic reaction, one that led the doctor who administered the test to recommend her for an exemption on the basis of “the potential for a significant allergic reaction,” she filed for a religious exemption. Read more