Diabolical, You Won’t Believe What Kamala Says In New Embarrassing Interview (VIDEO)

It’s no secret that Kamala is about as vapid as Brandon, only it’s worse with her because she’s not senile. Rather, she just never had the brain cells to be taken seriously and isn’t that bright.

In any case, because they are both vapid to the point of being imbecilic, their speeches and attempts to speak are quite similar; they’re full of gibberish, barely intelligible, and certainly not reminiscent of Cato or Churchill.

Whether an interview or speech, short Q+A or full press conference, both of them just can’t speak without messing up. It’s embarrassing and very cringey. Read more

Still, Kamala was apparently going for the “worst interview” ever award when she did an interview with NBC Today’s Craig Melvin. Watch it here: