WATCH: Skate Park Karen Gets Drop Kicked Into A New Universe!

Karen continues making her rounds in the US causing havoc. This week she was spotted at a local skateboard park in TX.

Karen decided to go to a skate park and harass some innocent teens who then recorded her punishment. It was posted it to YouTube since going viral. To top it off she gets arrested and carted off while the teens laughed and heckle her. Check out the video below. Read more

13 thoughts on “WATCH: Skate Park Karen Gets Drop Kicked Into A New Universe!”

  1. That was very satisfying to see this ‘Karen’ get shit kicked over the wall. She clearly started the confrontation and kept adding fire to the flames. She got exactly what she deserved for not having the good sense to just walk away and leave.

  2. I cannot determine whether she deserved it or not because the video does not start from the beginning. To me, it looks like a bunch of ghetto folk attacking a White woman. I don’t know what to think…

    1. It appears to me that she’s confronting somebody that she knows. And she’s questioning that person when other people start stepping in and abusing her. She defends her self and the children they’re just laugh it off while they continue to abuse her.

  3. What is wrong with these women today?Are they all going crazy?More and more women are becoming mentally dysfunctional

  4. ROTFLMFAO, check out the cucks pretending This Sow had Any business being at a place where children Play, she had no children there, One wonder’s if if the Sow is looking for chicken !!!%
    She’s Lucky My kid’s weren’t there.
    Arrested, hilarious !!!%

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