Worlds Most Hated Multimillionaire Banned FOR LIFE

While Big Pharma companies like J+J and Moderna are constantly being praised for their Covid-19 jabs, at least in the MSM, Martin Shkreli, the near-universally hated “Pharma Bro” just received quite a stiff ruling in an anti-trust suit.

Judge Denise Cote, a judge in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, ruled against Shkreli in a lawsuit that the FTC and seven states (California, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia) brought against Shkreli over what they described as his using monopoly control to gouge the price of Daraprim, an anti-viral drug used to treat HIV.

In fact, Judge Cote ruled that not only must Shkreli, who’s already in prison for seven years thanks to a securities fraud conviction, pay a $64.6 million fine, but also that he’s banned from ever working in the pharmaceuticals industry again. Writing on that in the massive, 135-page ruling, Judge Cote said:

Banning an individual from an entire industry and limiting his future capacity to make a living in that field is a serious remedy and must be done with care and only if equity demands. Shkreli’s egregious, deliberate, repetitive, long-running, and ultimately dangerous illegal conduct warrants imposition of an injunction of this scope.” Read more

2 thoughts on “Worlds Most Hated Multimillionaire Banned FOR LIFE”

  1. Why should any medication be so absurdly high that only the rich can afford. I had to go on a blood thinner this mast year and if I hadn’t had insurance my one month prescription would have cost me $800 plus for a months supply. As it was it cost me $150. I am on S.S. and only get a little over $800.00 a month. With all the profits that they make they should be able to make medicine a lot more affordable.

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