EVIL LEFT: Democrats Now Comparing One Of America’s Favorite Living Republican Leaders To HITLER

Democrats must be in a competition over who can slander their political opponents in the most ridiculous, abhorrent, and rebuttable way possible.

There was Rep. Clyburn, who labeled those who protested in favor of Trump on Jan. 6th as “domestic enemies.” There was Maxine Waters, who said that those who won’t vote to nuke the filibuster don’t care about black people. And there was Florida gubernatorial candidate Nikki Fried, who made an assertion that might top all the others; she compared DeSantis Hitler. Yes, really.

Speaking during an appearance on NPR’s Friday Roundup Podcast, Fried was asked by cohost Melissa Ross about a tweet in which she said “Ron DeSantis and his anti-democratic demagoguery is a danger to our state, our country, and yes, the world. Choose your own historical example if you want, but it’s the damn truth.”

Responding without missing a beat, Fried responded, not just doubling down but escalating, saying:

“He is doing everything possible to take power away from local governments, taking away people’s abilities to protest, making it harder to vote, talking about, you know, banning books.

That’s what dictators do. Instead of listening and trying to govern with the people, he is trying to govern over the people, and, you know, that, I’m sorry, I’m a student of history, too. I saw the rise of Hitler.Read more


4 thoughts on “EVIL LEFT: Democrats Now Comparing One Of America’s Favorite Living Republican Leaders To HITLER”

  1. Good forgiving Lord….what are these folks smoking>?
    If they really want to air some point or another I think being fair and making sense would be far more effective than just plain making a fool of yourself.
    I guess, without really knowing the truth of it, that DeSantis must be the next in line to run should President Trump choose not to, so the opposition feels it is required that they start bad mouthing him like they continuously do the former President, just in case. WOW…pretty sad !!

  2. Dems always blame Republicans for the sins they themselves commit. Called projection. Really sad! Dems are destroying this nation and the leaders know it. They spout “democracy” but the US is a democratic republic. They are using “democracy” (Government by-the mob of people) to destroy our Constitution and they will replace it with Socialism which will lead to communist dictatorship and feudalism…nothing for the workers- everything to the elite. Promises of equality and equity are an illusory lie.

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