SHAMELESS: You Won’t Believe Who Supports Concentration Camps For Americans

Turns out, that “tolerance” thing the left goes on about only applies to certain topics.

For example, it does apply to people on the right “tolerating” the left’s degeneracies; indeed, we’re even supposed to applaud them when they parade it in the streets.

Ditto that for those “Coexist” stickers they slap on their Priuses; we’re supposed to “Coexist” with whatever they throw at us. Or else, apparently; “tolerance” doesn’t seem to apply to those that don’t want to “coexist.” I guess they still need to work out that aspect of their sloganeering.

In any case, do they have to “tolerate” or “coexist” with conservatives? Not so much. The Deplorables aren’t represented on the Coexist sticker. 

Nor, apparently, are those that want to exercise their right to freedom of choice and not get the jab that Fauci and Brandon are waving at them; forty-five percent of the lefties think those people shouldn’t be “tolerated” and should instead be tossed in quarantine camps.

Yes, you read that right. 45% of Democrats, according to a Rasmussen poll, think that the unvaxxed should be thrown into quarantine camps. Read more