Coming To America! Texas National Guard Shoots At Illegal Alien Smuggler Who Drove At Them

There were close to 2 million illegal aliens processed at our southern border last year, a record. As we enter 2022, the caravans are still forming and hundreds of thousands of more illegals, from over 100 countries, are crossing or heading our way.

With the Biden administration stopping the completion of President Trump’s border “Wall”, and re-implementing catch and release, Texas and other border towns continue to be overrun.

In an attempt to stop the flow, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott launched Operation Lone Star last year to combat the wave of illegal immigration and drugs coming through the border. The operation integrates law enforcement and deploys them to high-threat areas to combat smugglers moving drugs and people into the state.

Texas National Guard soldiers opened fire at a migrant smuggler who they were apprehending and who drove straight at them — causing them to act to defend themselves, multiple law enforcement sources told Fox News. Read more

3 thoughts on “Coming To America! Texas National Guard Shoots At Illegal Alien Smuggler Who Drove At Them”

  1. If Trump were still president the wall would have been finished and we would not have this problem. Biden is not concerned with safety for Americans just wants more illegals and then make a way for them to vote for the Dems illegally. WE cannot let this happen as it will destroy America. Give warning and the shoot if they don’t go back where they belong.

  2. Stop coddling these illegal aliens and since they are committing the crime of trespass/invasion as soon as they cross the border, they should all be shot.

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