(VIDEO) Everyone Missed This Biden Supporter Getting Her “Ass Kicked” And Handcuffed By Sheriffs At Trump Rally

A Biden supporter who took it upon herself to wreak havoc at Trump’s rally in Florence, Arizona ended up being thrown out of the event handcuffed. A video that has been getting major retweets on Twitter, depicts a woman causing trouble at Trump’s rally while wearing a Biden 2020 shirt and holding a sign that read “Trump lost Arizona”. The woman was reportedly running around the rally grounds screaming and shouting anti-Trump rhetoric to which she was finally confronted by security to leave.

After refusing to leave at the security guard’s request, the Biden supporter continued to wave her sign around until a man dressed up in an Uncle Sam costume took it from her hands. After her sign was gone she went ballistic and quickly took a sign from a vendor’s table. The security guard continued to urge her to leave the event but she refused his commands and even threatened to punch him in the face. Read more