We KNOW Beyond A Shadow Of A DOUBT Who Is Funding The Invasion Of The U.S. Border, And The Truth Is HORRIFIC

One of the more difficult things for American citizens to comprehend is the international community’s plans for their nation.

In the name of “Equity”, the global powers are demanding the U.S. adopts the U.N. Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and The Great Reset restructuring plan.

The United Nations and George Soros funded globalist organizations, are providing cash to help migrants work their way up through South America, Central America, and Mexico on their way to the United States.

For the fiscal year 2021, U.S. officials are reporting nearly 2 million illegal aliens were processed. In addition, another one plus millions of aliens entered without getting stopped by the overwhelmed border patrol professionals. Read more

19 thoughts on “We KNOW Beyond A Shadow Of A DOUBT Who Is Funding The Invasion Of The U.S. Border, And The Truth Is HORRIFIC”

  1. This plan will destroy the USA , I am surprised the democrats are on the bandwagon with this, so much for patriotism.

    1. You are SURPRISED???? Where have you been the last couple of DECADES? Hiding under a rock or living in your Mom’s basement? The DNC is as close as you can get to an anti-American, Socialist, anti-Christ agenda laden group of LIARS and THIEVES as you can get. If it is BAD for America, it is ‘good’ for the DNC.

      1. You nailed it Billy. Unfortunately so few will read, accept, or care what the truth is until it’s too late. SAD!

      2. Your correct all the way! This person just realized this? My GOD no wonder we are where we are. They have been doing all this for decades. It’s time it stops now for it is all out now in the open for all to see. This is their final huge push to steal America from its people. The Democrats are not liberals, they have been taken over by the progressives and they hate America and all it stands for. Never give up, never give up your rights, never give up your guns…NEVER!

    2. Poor George. He’s been watching CNN, NBC, and CBS, all the while being grateful that everything is wonderful. Oh, and he’s been wondering why anybody would complain.

    3. Duh!
      George, you are others like you have had your naïve heads in the sand.
      At least you might be waking up? Maybe?
      What will YOU do about it now?
      Will you ever change the way you have voted in the past?

  2. It does not take a genius to figure out that Georgie “SoreAss” Soros is doing the funding along with the one world mob an the worthless UN . He’s still PO’d that we took his Nazi lover away from him

  3. It is simply a plan for replacement Democrat left-wing voters to usher in the socialist USA, so no surprise. The only obstacle to imposing truly totalitarian Leftist government in the US is the Constitution, so those who don’t support it will replace traditional Americans.

    Many in Central and S America support socialism as a solution to the brutal dictatorships of some nations. Many bring that here and support the Democrats and UN initiatives while seeking better economic conditions here.

    1. Ron, your second sentence is so true, but there are still idiots trying to destroy the Constitution by ushering in states wanting an Article 5 convention that will erase our present Constitution and replace it with a Socialistic document.

  4. Lets go Brandon\The World Economic Forum aka The Davos group aka New World Order\ Young Global Leaders Forum\George Soros\ Progressive Socialism\Democrat Party\the UN\UNSECO\WHO\WTO\China\BLM\Antifa\ Any leftist loon I missed!

    1. We need to get out of the UN, throw them out of America and stop funding the rest if the world. We give billions to all of these third world countries who belong to the UN and the money never gets to the poor people who it was intended to help. It goes to their corrupt leaders snd UN knows it and does nothing as they are complicit. Stop funding the enemy. They are using our money against us. UN is a corrupt mafia after our wealth. Fuck them.

  5. Hi!

    Thank you Carol

    That’s it; that’s the answer. Write your congressperson and tell them . If they don’t respond or comply, you will vote for someone who will comply! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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