Checkmate! Ghislaine Maxwell To Release The Names Of 8 Men Who RAPED Underage Girls (DETAILS)

One of the more disappointing aspects of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial was that the judge, James Comey’s daughter, kept the names in Ghislaine’s “little black book” secret. As TIME reported on the book around the time of the trial:

Most of the contents of Government Exhibit 52 has been redacted from court filings. But in a Nov. 12 filing, federal prosecutors contended that the book contains “compelling evidence” of Maxwell’s guilt. The filing alleges that the book includes “dozens of pages of contacts, including family and friends of the defendant.” Furthermore, the government alleges the book would show Maxwell “kept contact information for relevant individuals at trial, including victims.”

In her filing, Maxwell’s attorneys said that those are “bold, unexplained claims that Ms. Maxwell disputes.” Maxwell’s lawyers contend the contents of the book are “neither authentic nor relevant,” arguing that the fact that the book did not surface until 2009 shows “there is no relevance that can be attached to the information.”

Further, a version of it was leaked online by Gawker in 2015. The alleged version at that time reportedly included names and phone numbers of over 1,000 people many of them celebrities and politicians. Read more