Here Is The Number One Sure Sign Of America’s Real-Time Collapse And It’s DEVASTATING

We’ve all seen the horrid videos out of California, where masses of drug-addicted hobos camp on the streets, shooting up drugs and relieving themselves in full view of all around.

While the Golden State was once known for its beauty, now it’s known for the throngs of homeless that shoot up heroin on the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, the problem isn’t confined to California, though it might be at its worst in some of California’s coastal cities. No, DC is now full of homeless encampments, dark places where drug-addicted menaces prowl what used to be gorgeous parks and streets. Similarly, Denver, New York, and Austin struggle under the crushing weight of the costs imposed by the homeless problem.

Yet worse is that most politicians refuse to properly identify the problem, much less deal with it, as doing so seems “mean” and they’d rather appear “nice” than do what hard things are necessary to protect their citizens from the ravages of the often drug-addicted and mentally ill homeless.

Fortunately for America, Tucker Carlson is willing to identify and call out the problem. He did so in a recent segment, saying:

We want to begin by noting something obvious. If you live in the United States, you may have noticed that many of our public spaces have become permanent homeless encampments. You see trash-filled tents blotting out what were once green and tidy public parks. You step over vagrants drooling, unconscious on the steps of train stations on the way to work. You watch as junkies smoke meth without any embarrassment at all, and then yell at pedestrians on the sidewalk, maybe at your children. Read more